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Book Your Private Charter Flight To Paris

Best Place To Book Your Flights To Paris By Paying With Bitcoin

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How To Book Your Luxury VIP Private Charter Flight To Paris With Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency 

September 17, 2021 | Kamlesh Patel

Since Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency have increased in value over this period dramatically, you may wonder what to do with them if you have been using them for a while. 

Until now thinking about where to spend your cryptocurrency but didn't know or how to spend it, If you love to travel and want to travel to Paris or travel often to Paris for pleasure or business but want to pay with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency you should book your flight with Villiers jets with fast private jet purchasing flights or packages or fast easy and secure. 

Using crypto to buy your tickets means it gives you the opportunity to travel more. Flight packages can even be purchased for long periods of time.

Bitcoin and charter private jets is a winning combination which is helping shape the future

With standard commercial flights the problem is that you are having to worry about, cancelled flights, long delays, payment issues and more. 

Bitcoin payments in cryptocurrencies it is possible to make transactions very quickly (with Bitcoins about 10-15 minutes) without waiting for the long banks timing and speeding up all the paperwork.

The very high value of Bitcoins allows users to fly with exclusive and first-class services with a minimum investment

Departures takes place on a time and date you have set without the risk of the flight being cancelled or postponed and you are saving hours compared to commercial flights. This is for 3 reasons save time

1. With selecting a airport that is convenient for you saving your hours of travel time. 

2. When flying commercial you have to arrive 90 minutes or more before departure, where as with a commercial flight you only have to arrive to the airport 15 minutes before departure

3. Private flights are faster then commercial flights meaning you can arrive to Paris a lot quicker then commercial flights

When traveling on a private jet you are safer then traveling commercial as you are not being exposed to strangers and any virus they may be carrying. Of course it is in the name it is private and you can be confident that you are traveling in the highest levels of safety & privacy.

When you are traveling private you are traveling in luxury and comfort, instead of having a seat to yourself you have the whole plane to yourself. So if you are for a romantic get away for the weekend with your loved one or taking the family to Disneyland and want to travel luxury then your only choice would be private jet 

Things you can do in Paris 

Things you don't want to miss when visiting Paris 

We all know you can go visit the most romantic place in the world the Eiffel Tower or go have a great time with the family and visit Disney Land. 

A trip to Paris is not complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Despite the obvious fact that the Eiffel Tower twinkles for five minutes every hour on the hour at night, did you know it does so every evening?

A trip to Disneyland Paris is the perfect way to enjoy Disney's magic in Europe, as it is the only Disney theme park in Europe. Since Disneyland Paris is centrally located, it is accessible from any major European city, including London and Brussels.


Using cryptocurrency to purchase a flight is a opportunity that allow you to fly more and travel in more of a luxurious way. By using bitcoins to pay, you can also accelerate your transactions and rely on an unbreakable system for security.

I am certain that when you think about Bitcoins and where to spend them, you will definitely benefit from flying aboard a luxurious, comfortable and exclusive aircraft. 

contact Fast.private.jet today and request a personalized quote for your next trips and take advantage of the ease of cryptocurrency payments to give you many unique flight experiences in the name of luxury and exclusivity!

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