Cessna Citation Longitude – Everything You Need to Know

Cessna Citation Longitude – Everything You Need to Know

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Key Facts

The Cessna Citation Longitude boasts a spacious cabin with double-club seating, providing a minimum of 11 percent more legroom than its competitors. The fully lay-flat seats, designed and manufactured in-house, are tailored for seamless mobility, ensuring a comfortable experience whether you are working or relaxing during the flight. Additionally, the forward wet galley enhances cabin service by offering ample space for food preparation.

Access to the large walk-in baggage compartment of the Cessna Longitude is available throughout the entire flight without any restrictions, providing convenience for passengers. The cabin altitude is kept low, not exceeding 5,950 feet, allowing travelers to arrive feeling refreshed.

Pilots have complete control over navigation and communication systems through a user-friendly touch-screen interface.

Overview & History

The flagship aircraft of the Cessna Citation family is the Cessna Citation Longitude. It was announced in 2012, had its maiden flight in 2016, and received certification in 2018. Deliveries of the Longitude commenced in early 2019. This aircraft serves as the successor to the canceled Cessna Citation Columbus, a project that was terminated in mid-2009.

Originally intended to be the largest Citation business jet produced by the company, the Columbus project faced cancellation due to the unfavorable economic climate at the time. Cessna determined that the Columbus aircraft would not thrive in such conditions. Consequently, the Longitude currently holds the title as the largest aircraft manufactured by Cessna. Classified within the super-midsize aircraft category, it shares the same fuselage cross-section as the Citation Latitude but distinguishes itself with a T-shaped tail at the rear end.

Notably, the Longitude is among the aircraft selected for operation by NetJets, a fractional ownership company that disclosed the acquisition of up to 175 units, each priced at $26 million. Additionally, both the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey serve as government operators of the Longitude.

According to Cessna, the Citation Longitude has been meticulously designed with “your business and return on investment in mind.” Boasting a transatlantic range, advanced engineering, and an exceptional cabin experience, Cessna claims it possesses the “lowest total ownership costs of any super-midsize jet.”

Competing in the market, the Cessna Citation Longitude faces rivals such as the Gulfstream G280, Challenger 350, Dassault Falcon 2000S, and Embraer Legacy 600.

Cessna Citation Longitude Cockpit

Cessna Citation Longitude Cockpit

The pilots are treated to a Garmin G5000 flight deck upfront, providing them with complete touch-screen controls for navigation and communication systems. Cessna has designed the cockpit for maximum efficiency, featuring fully integrated auto-throttles and LINXUS software in the Longitude. LINXUS stands out as the industry’s most advanced on-board diagnostic system, with optional features such as a head-up display and enhanced vision capabilities.

The cockpit, designed with efficient use of space, incorporates easy access and ergonomic design, prioritizing crew comfort and efficiency. The key benefit lies in reducing pilot workload through advanced systems and enhancing comfort levels, resulting in a more rested and efficient crew. Consequently, the crew becomes sharper, allowing them to focus more on flying the aircraft. This, in turn, leads to a safer flight operation and a more pleasant experience for the crew.

Standard features of the Cessna Longitude cockpit include:

  • Fully integrated autothrottles
  • Three large 14-inch glass displays
  • Four touch-screen controllers
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™)
  • Maintenance diagnostics
  • Synoptic for key systems
  • Industry-leading diagnostics with in-flight reporting

Optional features of the Cessna Longitude cockpit include:

  • Hybrid navigator
  • Head-up display
  • Enhanced vision camera
  • LINK 2000+
  • Iridium ACARS and FANS-1/A
  • ICAO type IA FDR

Cessna Citation Longitude Interior

Cessna Citation Longitude Interior

Being the flagship aircraft of Cessna, great efforts have been made by the aircraft manufacturers to enhance comfort. The cabin, characterized by its spaciousness, facilitates easy strolling with a flat floor and six-foot height. Cessna claims the aircraft boasts “best-in-class legroom.”

Extensive efforts in developing and implementing soundproofing techniques result in the creation of the “world’s quietest super-midsize cabin.” The cabin noise level is a mere 67 decibels. In addition to the serene cabin, Cessna has crafted an aircraft with a maximum cabin altitude of only 5,950 feet, creating a relaxing environment by combining these factors.

Hence, the tranquility is ideal for conducting business, resting, and conversing with fellow passengers. In terms of air circulation, the Longitude incorporates a partial recirculation system, utilizing a percentage of cabin air alongside fresh air. Cessna assures the use of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestance) filters in these systems.

These filters, composed of a cluster of fibers, effectively filter out pathogens, dust, and other contaminants as air is forced through. Typically, a full-volume exchange takes about four minutes to complete. The compression and heating of external air by the engines ensure the elimination of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

As Cessna’s latest jet, the Longitude features cutting-edge interior technology. For instance, a fully wireless cabin management system has been implemented, enabling control of the cabin from every seat. Passengers can manage lighting, temperature, and communications through their personal devices.

In its standard configuration, the Longitude presents a double club seating arrangement, offering 20% more legroom than competitors, as per Cessna. All seats can be converted into fully lie-flat beds for extended flights. The front of the cabin houses a sizable wet galley, equipped with hot and cold water, ample cold storage, large supply cabinets, an espresso maker, and a microwave oven, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

This setup allows ample space for in-flight food preparation, ensuring an elegant meal is available regardless of the time of day. The electrically operated airstair, positioned upfront, streamlines the boarding, loading, and unloading processes, according to Cessna.

Unlike typical flights where accessing luggage is impossible, the Longitude features a spacious walk-in baggage compartment accessible throughout the entire flight without restrictions. The compartment can accommodate up to 1,000 lbs (453 Kg) of storage.

With these key features, the Longitude ensures a more relaxed and refreshed arrival at your destination. Ample legroom and a serene cabin environment make it easy to work, relax, and dine during transatlantic flights. The 15 strategically positioned large windows allow natural light to bathe the cabin and provide stunning views of the world below.

Cessna Citation Longitude Purchase Price

If you intend to acquire a Cessna Citation Longitude, anticipate a minimum cost of just under $30 million. It’s noteworthy that this price has risen in recent years since the commencement of aircraft deliveries. As mentioned earlier, NetJets managed to acquire their Longitude aircraft for $26 million each, benefitting from bulk purchases (175 units) and their status as a large-scale operator, allowing for more favorable price negotiations.

For those seeking a pre-owned aircraft, patience is required as it may take some time for one to become available on the market. Due to the model’s popularity and relatively limited production, securing a pre-owned example can be challenging. Furthermore, when such aircraft do become available for sale, the price typically remains in the high $20 million range. This, in turn, leads to a remarkably significant depreciation figure, considering that prices for new aircraft have not significantly decreased.

Cessna Citation Longitude Performance

The Cessna Citation Longitude is equipped with two Honeywell HTF7700L engines mounted at the rear, each generating 7,665 lbs of thrust. Consequently, the total maximum combined thrust amounts to 15,330 lbs. This capability allows the Cessna Citation Longitude to achieve take-off in a mere 4,810 feet.

During landing, the Longitude exhibits the capability to execute a full-stop landing in just 3,170 feet. These ground performance metrics are notably impressive, considering the aircraft’s size and capabilities. Additionally, the Longitude can cruise at a maximum speed of 483 knots and maintain a cruising altitude of up to 45,000 feet.

Under optimal conditions and with only 4 passengers on board, the Longitude can cruise non-stop for up to 3,500 Nautical Miles (4,027 Miles / 6,482 KM). However, this figure may vary slightly depending on factors such as weather conditions, ATC routing, and the number of passengers on board.

Cessna estimates that with 10 passengers and 2 pilots on board, the Citation Longitude can achieve a non-stop flight for 3,216 Nautical Miles (3,597 Miles / 5,789 KM). Consequently, these range capabilities position the Longitude comfortably for transatlantic flights.

In both scenarios, whether flying with zero or maximum passengers on board, the Citation Longitude is expected to complete a non-stop flight from New York to London. This assumption, of course, is contingent upon favorable weather and route conditions.

Cessna Citation Longitude Rangemap

Performance Comfort Weights
Range: 3,500 nm Number of Passengers: 12 Baggage Capacity: 112 Cubic Feet
Cruise Speed: 476 knots Cabin Pressure: 9.66 PSI Max Take-Off Weight: 39,500 lbs
Ceiling: 45,000 feet Cabin Altitude: 5,950 feet Max Landing Weight: 33,500 lbs
Take-Off Distance: 4,900 feet Production Start: 2019
Landing Distance: 3,400 feet Production End: Present
Dimensions Power
Exterior Length: 73.2 feet Engine Manufacturer: Honeywell
Exterior Height: 19.4 feet Engine Model: HTF7700L
Wingspan: 68.9 feet Fuel Burn: 270 Gallons per Hour
Interior Length: 25.2 feet
Interior Width: 6.4 feet
Interior Height: 6 feet
Interior/Exterior Ratio: 34%

Cessna Citation Longitude Charter Cost

The approximate cost for chartering a Cessna Citation Longitude is $4,500 per flight hour. Prices may naturally fluctuate based on factors such as availability, fuel prices, ground fees, and other considerations. Opting for the Longitude provides a comfortable Atlantic travel experience.

As the charter market sees an increasing number of Cessna Citation Longitudes, the availability of these aircraft is on the rise. This growth is attributed to their popularity and high demand, resulting in an expanding opportunity to secure time on a Longitude each passing year.

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FAQ and Tips

  • What is the Cessna Citation Longitude?
    The Cessna Citation Longitude is a super-midsize business jet developed by Textron Aviation under the Cessna brand.
  • How many passengers can the Citation Longitude carry?
    The Citation Longitude can typically carry up to 8 to 12 passengers, depending on the cabin configuration.
  • What is the range of the Cessna Citation Longitude?
    The Citation Longitude has a maximum range of approximately 3,500 nautical miles (6,482 kilometers).
  • What is the top speed of the Citation Longitude?
    The Citation Longitude has a maximum cruise speed of approximately 476 knots (882 kilometers per hour).
  • What are some key features of the Citation Longitude?
    The Citation Longitude features a spacious cabin with stand-up headroom, a flat floor, and comfortable seating.
    It is equipped with the Garmin G5000 avionics system and has a full fly-by-wire flight control system.
    The aircraft also boasts impressive fuel efficiency and range capabilities for its class.
  • How does the Citation Longitude compare to other business jets?
    The Citation Longitude is often compared to other super-midsize business jets like the Bombardier Challenger 350 and the Gulfstream G280.
    It is known for its long range, spacious cabin, and advanced avionics system.
  • What is the price of a new Citation Longitude?
    The price of a new Citation Longitude can vary depending on the configuration and optional features, but it is typically in the range of $27 to $30 million USD.
  • Is the Citation Longitude available for charter or purchase only?
    The Citation Longitude is available for both charter and purchase, depending on the operator and availability.
  • What are some common routes flown by the Citation Longitude?
    The Citation Longitude is often used for transcontinental flights, such as from the United States to Europe or South America.
  • What are some notable features of the Citation Longitude’s cabin?
    The Citation Longitude’s cabin is designed for comfort and productivity, with features such as a fully-equipped galley, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a spacious lavatory.

Here are some tips to consider before renting a Cessna Citation Longitude:

  1. Verify the Operator’s Credentials: Ensure that the operator is reputable and has the necessary certifications and insurance.
  2. Check the Aircraft’s Maintenance Records: Verify that the aircraft has been well-maintained and is in good condition.
  3. Review the Rental Agreement: Carefully review the rental agreement to understand the terms and conditions, including any additional fees or charges.
  4. Confirm Availability: Check the availability of the aircraft for your desired dates and routes.
  5. Consider the Crew: Ensure that the aircraft will be piloted by experienced and qualified crew members.
  6. Check Amenities: If specific amenities are important to you, such as in-flight entertainment or connectivity, confirm that the aircraft is equipped accordingly.
  7. Verify Refund and Cancellation Policies: Understand the operator’s policies regarding refunds and cancellations in case your plans change.
  8. Consider Insurance Coverage: Determine if you need to purchase additional insurance coverage for your rental.
  9. Plan Ahead: Book your rental well in advance to secure your desired aircraft and schedule.
  10. Communicate Your Needs: Clearly communicate your itinerary, preferences, and any special requirements to the operator to ensure a smooth rental experience.
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